You, the patient

We all know that when we have a medical problem we need to meet a doctor. Even though it sounds clear, it is not always easy.

Calling your family doctor or setting an appointment to a generalist who will send you to one or many specialists or for medical tests, not always in the same location, but mandatory in a certain order – can become a complicated task to manage.

Calling directly a doctor or through a call center, waiting on the line for minutes or tens of minutes just to be informed that the next free spot is in a few days or even weeks or months will not solve your medical problem as a patient. And this is just for one appointment

When you have multiple medical comorbidities which generate preconditions from one to another, a single version of truth for your medical information and particular/customized medical orchestration is mandatory, both medical and administrative.

Now, let’s see how these can be achieved with Alter Medico platform support, once you are enrolled.

“Calling the doctor” will become “access to the right doctors”, through on spot access to all the doctors enrolled in the system, including family doctor, clinic or hospital doctors.

Having your medical records uploaded in your profile, in corroboration with a fast anamnesis, will make easy for the doctors to make a first raw evaluation and direct you the right next step (i.e. emergency service, proper medication, medical investigations or medical visit – or all of them in a medical coordination).

You will be under permanent care if you will introduce in your profile your critical medical parameters by hand or automatically through your home devices connected to your smartphone etc. starting with blood pressure and heart rate, glycaemia or more specialized parameters (from holters, CPAP etc.).

The last ones will not only provide data to the doctors, but reduce the chances to reach a medical crisis, as warning thresholds will generate warnings to you and your doctors so critical levels can be avoided or faster focus medical actions will be done.

In such a way, the difference from healthy to sick or even from life to death can be done by using the technology and processes in the favor of both patients and doctors.