Every once in a while everybody is a patient. It’s inevitable. Like life, or rain…

You, The Patient

As a patient you look for a doctor, book an appointment, go to the clinic or hospital, check-in, wait for your turn, bring your medical history mostly on paper, need to book for other appointments or medical tests.
As member of our medical platform you’ll you have a better way to manage all these aspects of your medical life, just click here to see how!

For you as a parent

Your children will be healthier.
Becoming a member of the platform you will better manage the health of your children.Communication with medical staff and the community will reduce the risk of being too late or too far in an emergency situation.

New health programs can be built based on your feed-back and your children’s medical issues noticed. 

For you as a patient

You will belong to a community with valuable information and resources to manage important aspects of your medical life.You will help others as active member and contributor, receiving as well in return.
You will save time and money by using modern tools for important milestones of your medical journey.

For you as a caregiver / next of kin

Be a member of the platform and you will take good care of your elderly.
You will help the closest ones to access medical services through modern technology and assist them at one click away, regardless the phisical distance, late hour or the kind of support needed.
Multi-scheduling their doctor visits ffrom your device and providing mandatory information in emergency situations, could save their lifes.

For you as a patient with special medical condition

Do you have a special/rare disease? Meet people with similar medical conditions. Be part of a group. Learn from other people experiences.
In such a way, you will know more about yourself and increase the chances to be cured, also to help others.
You will also help doctors to help you by having on hand information and direct communication possibilities wherever you are.