The future of medical services

The Efficiency Centric Healthcare Platform

We empower healthcare providers in Romania to deliver incredible patient experiences

Value Proposition for healthcare providers

50-70% time saved for medical professionals

Through a state of the art, dynamic (specialty specific) intelligent engagement technology.

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The future of medical services

Closing the gap between need and demand on the one hand and resources on the other requires new approaches.

Quality of care

Improving patient outcomes and reducing recovery times will become usual measurements of the quality of care.

Operational Excellency

Measuring results and implementing fast correcting actions are the key of ongoing improvement.

Patient long term relationship

Providing the right medical service, at the right moment, at the right quality will open the door for a long term relationship.

Interaction with other parties

As the healthcare services participants interact with other players as service providers or as patients, close communication in several areas becomes mandatory.

Be part of vibrant medical communities

By belonging to a health care professionals community you will be active in a platform that enables social &professional networking.

Medical file on the go

The patient has all the medical data from his history.

Scheduling module

Access to a complex appointment scheduling module for multiple providers.

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Value Proposition for patients

What Our Clients Have To Say​

They Believe In Us

“Since 2020 we use only electronic patient health records”

There are “personalized patient consult templates that help us work uniformly. The most important thing is that we are a team and no one has a patient of his own.”

“We use natural language speech to text, which means that you write your own medical letters, prescriptions freely without using a specific language model; you don’t need the help of a nurse anymore. Consultation time is reduced with approximately 15 minutes for each patient.”

The platform “has changed the reception personnel work profile”.

 “This software has granted us a fantastic degree of independence”

Dr. Ioana Voda, ORL Specialty

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