For you as a Parent

Complementing all your love, attention and education effort for your children with medical care in a new dimension, that will be the foundation of their lifetime medical journey, is not just an intangible wish, is today’s reality.

You, or even your children at a certain age, will be able to benefit from almost real time medical support, using today’s and future technologies and intelligent tools.

This is where we help with Alter Medico medical platform, offering ongoing functionalities and connections in the medical world.

Finding a 24×7 clinic or managing multiple appointments in a dynamic manner according to the case emergency and evolvement can be the child’s safeness or save family time and decrease everybody’s stress.

Instead of giving calls to the friends, neighbours or call centers, you will have the chance to wisely be prepared in advance in ongoing keeping the children healthy or action very fast in the case of crisis.

This is exactly how we can help.